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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cement craft

Cement craft was mentioned earlier. Little did I realize that so much can be done with cement. I believe cement is something not very popular when it comes to craft and I am certain there are not many others who will venture into it. Cement is always associated with the construction industry and give people the idea of something very rough and messy. True to some extend and not to mention seemed " unladylike". There was an incident when I went to a hardware shop to buy cement and mesh wire for the stepping stone. I was actually on my way out for an appointment so I was dressed up. The shopkeeper, an elderly lady was trying to cut the mesh wire for me. Seeing her age I told her to let me do it instead. Guess what was her response. "Ai yo, a lady like you with all your nails painted you will not be able to do this kind of rough work." My reply to her was "excuse me aunty. If I can work with cement what is the cutting of mesh wire to me. Anyway I am used to doing this. " She thought that I was joking. Anyway back to the cement craft, I am now starting on cement tiles for the wall. They are thinner and smaller in size. They make beautiful wall decoration. It gives a casual and unique appearance. I've not seen something of this being used yet as decoration but I am going to use it in my own home. I am certain it will stand out.